Hi. My name is Kirsty. I am a babywearing educator and cloth diaper consultant in Dortmund, Germany. I am certified by the Trageschule Hamburg, one of the most prestigious babywearing schools in the country. I was trained by the Stoffwindelexperten to educate on cloth diaper systems. I have two kids and a lot of experience wrapping them in love.

Available for babywearing: woven wraps in various lengths, ring slings (short wraps with sew-in rings), stretchies, various carriers with buckles and/or tying straps.


Pricing: 50€/lesson + 5€/within Dortmund area. From city line forward +50ct/km.


Available cloth diapers: all-in-systems, pockets, woolen diapers, covers and prefolds, overnight nappies, potty trainers.


Follow-up (by phone or mail) on the learned techniques are always free of charge. In person add 5€ for the drive.

By booking you will need to accept my terms and conditions.


Feel free to message me in English.

I am bilingual so it will be no problem conducting the lesson in fluent English.


Contact info:

E-mail: trageberatung.kinderleicht@gmail.com (straight to my phone)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrageberatungKinderleichtDortmund (straight to my phone)

Website: www.trageberatung-kinderleicht.de

Cell phone / Whatsapp: 0176 81 49 1933

Guaranteed reply within 24 hours.

You can also use the contact form at the register called "Kontakt".